Orlando, Florida

What We Offer

My Storage House (MSH) offers cloud storage with a higher level of data protection and security than you will find at many hosting companies. We've added additional layers of data protection by combining multiple off-site back-ups of all our servers, and default storage hardware running RAID 60 (or RAID 10 when requested) server arrays. MSH offerings also include high-resource VPS servers (as high as 128GB of Ram) and fault-tolerant dedicated servers.


How the Company got its Start

Based on a personal need for reliable storage resources within her budget, Founder and CEO Kimberly Sellnow began an exhaustive research looking for a solution. What did she find? "The features I desired seemed like a logical request yet, the price point of the packages were not proportional.” Sellnow dove deeper, asking to learn more of the industry and then realized the solution was within. The catchy phrase “If not me, then who?” ran through her mind over and over. It was time to create a new solution for a market in need. My Storage House began from Sellnow’s desire to find a viable solution to meet her budget.

How the Company got its Name

The name My Storage House implies a safe-haven for your data; a secure, reliable place that you can trust, with people who take a genuine interest in their clients.

Why We Get up in the Morning

People. My Storage House takes pride in building relationships first, business second. That is why we implemented a philosophy to provide a personalized customer support experience. Rather than giving our Support team a script or measuring them on length of call or number of chats, we empower them with the resources and information to give you a pleasant experience. No managers or middle men needed to get permission to take care of a client or make things good. The result is an amazingly, friendly people who care about YOU.


Meet the Team The Leaders who make this house a Home

Kimberly Sellnow


James Tuttle

Server & Network Administrator

Vinod Chacko

Linux Technician

Kendra Mohlenbrock

Graphic Design/Administration